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[ 'ʃu:leis ]
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  1. He'll be making sure his shoelaces are tied tightly.
  2. If you're wearing old shoes, check the shoelaces.
  3. Each pair is $ 4.99, not including shoelaces.
  4. Their buttons aren't done, their shoelaces are untied.
  5. He was accused of strangling a jogger with her own shoelaces.
  6. Buildings toppled, expressways collapsed and railroads were twisted like shoelaces.
  7. If they are over two tons I aim for their shoelaces.
  8. Or maybe in some correctional facility with my belt and shoelaces removed?
  9. I can't tie my son's shoelaces.
  10. Do you remember when you learned to tie your shoelaces?


  1. a lace used for fastening shoes
    पर्याय: shoe lace, shoestring, shoe string

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