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  1. Later that month, Crowley acted as comp�re of the revue " Shoot the Works " at the Royal Hippodrome, Chatham.
  2. I talked to the coaches, and we decided if we had a chance to win, we were going to shoot the works.
  3. The next day, tendon and all, they will shoot the works against a strong field that includes other Derby contenders such as Ordway, Accelerator and Twin Spires.
  4. The Associated Press reported that " an air of deepest mystery " surrounded the Michigan camp, with expectations that Kipke intended to " shoot the works " against Ohio State.
  5. Other of his works that became the basis for films include his stage play " The Great Magoo ", which was filmed as " Shoot the Works " ( 1957 ).
  6. Camera boss Thomas Burstyn, who also filmed the kids-and-pets charmer " Andre the Seal " ( 1995 ), shoots the works with a sense of scenic wonder perfectly suited to this kind-hearted tall tale.
  7. He ( and the audience ) learn that " pidgin phrase ( used in Hawaii ) meaning to gamble everything, to " shoot the works "  to risk " going broke " or bankruptcy.
  8. Her next film " Shoot the Works " led to comparisons with Mae West, and her rendition of the ballad " With My Eyes Wide Open, I'm Dreaming " in the film became a hit record.
  9. The dispute became moot Wednesday at Churchill Downs, where Lukas won the Kentucky Derby in 1988 with Winning Colors, in 1995 with Thunder Gulch and in 1996 with Grindstone, and where he will shoot the works again on Saturday in the 125th Derby with Cat Thief and Charismatic.
  10. We can deride the screen in its lesser moods, but when the West Coast impresarios decide to shoot the works the resulting pyrotechnics bathe us in a warm and cheerful glow . [ . . . ] The penultimate scenes are as vivid, swift, and brilliantly achieved as the first.

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