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shoulder belt उदाहरण वाक्य
shoulder:    कंधा बोझ लेना
belt:    इलाका कमरबंद
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  1. The rear seat has headrests for three and shoulder belts for three.
  2. As a matter of safety, we trim off excess shoulder belt material.
  3. Owners of such cars would want the manufacturer to install shoulder belts.
  4. A shoulder belt was worn in various configurations, depending on army and rank.
  5. There are three adjustable headrests in the back along with three shoulder belts.
  6. Never put the shoulder belt behind a child's back or under his arm.
  7. Dual air bags, five sets of shoulder belts add to safety.
  8. All international Legacy, except the USA, had front seat adjustable anchor shoulder belts.
  9. The rear seat has full seat and shoulder belts for all three passengers.
  10. Front outboard shoulder belts were fitted to cars built effective January 1, 1968.

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