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  1. Green shoulder loops identify Venturers at the crew level.
  2. Webelos Scouts have a choice of uniforms : the Cub Scout uniform or the Boy Scout field uniform with blue shoulder loops.
  3. Webelos Scouts were given the option to wear the Boy Scout uniform with Webelos cap, neckerchief, insignia and blue shoulder loops.
  4. Rank insignia for Technical Lieutenant through Superintendent are worn on the collars of the shirt and the shoulder loops of the Gore-Tex jacket.
  5. As a result, metal insignia was authorized for wear on the service uniform on the shoulder loop and on the collar of the shirt when worn without a jacket.
  6. Soldiers who have the current commercial white shirt without shoulder loops must wear as appropriate, the black wind breaker, black pullover or black cardigan sweaters with this uniform.
  7. The equivalent in the United States Army was the Combat Leader Identification, worn on the shoulder loop of the green jacket of now-obsolete Class-A Service Uniform.
  8. Soldiers have the option of wearing a commercial long sleeve white shirt with shoulder loops and a four-in-hand necktie ( black neck tab for female soldiers ).
  9. The dress code of the Polish armed forces states than when not worn on the head or kept in a locker the beret should be placed under the left shoulder loop.
  10. Rather than using the dark green shoulder loops on the epaulettes, orange loops are used and the position patches follow a sports team theme ( Coach is used rather than Scoutmaster ).

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