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  1. In 2009, Stein attached shoulder pieces allowing the sculptures to be worn like armor.
  2. Due to the semi-rigid nature of the armour, the Scythian variety was made as breast-and back-plates, with separate shoulder pieces.
  3. The Carl Gustaf can be fired from the standing, kneeling, sitting or prone positions, and a bipod may be attached in front of the shoulder piece.
  4. There was not much future shock, but a slim white dress to the knee topped by a silver metal shoulder piece should make it through a space-age cocktail party.
  5. This was a defence made entirely of plate bronze consisting of a breast and backplate, usually with shoulder pieces, modelled in relief on the form a muscular male torso.
  6. She wears an altered version of the dress she wore as a princess, with the shoulder pieces omitted and a large, wing-shaped bow replacing the smaller one of the princess outfit.
  7. J . Garcia WaterWear, made by Henderson Aquatics Inc . of Milville, New Jersey, features wetsuits with shoulder pieces and arm insets in wild patterns painted by Garcia and inspired by his love of scuba diving and the sea
  8. Even more rare and ancient is the " cappa clausa " or cope, a large scarlet cloak with an ermine shoulder piece worn by the Vice-Chancellor of Cambridge, or a deputy, when admitting to degrees, and by anyone presenting new higher doctors or BDs for admission to their degrees.
  9. Guns were traversed ( moved from side to side ) manually by the gunlayer as he stood on the left side with his arm hooked over a shoulder piece as he aimed, while he operated the elevating handwheel with his left hand and grasped the pistol grip with trigger in his right hand.

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