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  1. But Wichtendahl said this " shoulder tap " program was not intended to catch every offender.
  2. In the original shoulder tap interrupt on the other processor so that it could initiate the I / O.
  3. A "'shoulder tap "'is an act in which a minor asks an adult to purchase alcohol for him or her.
  4. It also uses CUBs for its Shoulder Tap program once a month, in which the teens try to get adults to buy alcohol for them, he said.
  5. Another variation on the shoulder tap around the Midwest is for minors to question whether or not a chosen person of age would purchase alcohol for them.
  6. In the Chatsworth plant, employees somberly filed back into the newsroom _ and the shoulder taps began, as workers targeted for layoffs were asked to attend private meetings with Valley Editor John Arthur and Valley Managing Editor Ardith Hilliard.

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