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  1. In an age of television shouters, Moyers is an anomaly.
  2. Some shouters belted out their concerns about age-old issues:
  3. Not a shouter, hidden, quiet, sparkling, genuine.
  4. Just don't expect Karros to be the shouter.
  5. "I am not a shouter of women's liberation.
  6. Also the shouter can maybe seek support while the target are unprepared.
  7. Why the shouters here dont have a look also on such things?
  8. I'm sorry I lost track of last season's shouter.
  9. The Shouters employ a charismatic style of worship that includes shouting out prayers.
  10. Danny Ayalon has suggested that the tactic be combated by videotaping the shouters.


  1. someone who communicates vocally in a very loud voice
    पर्याय: roarer, bawler, bellower, screamer, screecher, yeller

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