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  1. Indoor antennas will never be an option in weak signal areas.
  2. The station also audiostreams from its website for listeners outside its immediate signal area.
  3. Currently the Wow ! signal area is being monitored when it is above the horizon.
  4. Digital signals do not have'grade b'signal areas, and are either'in perfectly'or'not in at all '.
  5. An audiostream is also provided on its website for listeners across Canada outside its Toronto signal area.
  6. The 88.3 FM frequency does not broadcast in stereo audio, to improve reception in marginal signal areas.
  7. In theory, everyone should be able to receive a good quality picture from the Grade-B signal area.
  8. The general signal area covers most of Tampa and southwestern Hillsborough County, but barely reaches Pinellas County.
  9. Traffic engineering is then used to establish safety threshold numbers and signal areas of concern for traffic safety.
  10. CHGB-FM does target the signal area with newcomer sister station CISO-FM in Orillia, which airs an adult contemporary format.

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