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situation:    हालत अवस्था ओहदा
map:    नक्षा मानचित्र

उदाहरण वाक्य

  1. Wing Commander Thomas Prickman, the station commander at Kenley, noticed the low-flying Dornier plot appear on his situation map.
  2. The move into action and collapse was so swift that the regiment was not even identified on German situation maps.
  3. The FHO prepared situation maps of the Soviet Union, Poland, Scandinavia and the Balkans; and assembled information on potential adversaries.
  4. The lands are effectively controlled by the surrounding power, and we should not be afraid to reflect this on situation maps.
  5. A portable lap desk that belonged to Thomas Jefferson is in the room, as is the last combat situation map drawn for President Roosevelt, nine days before he died.
  6. The HICs main functions were to assemble, analyse, and publish information from the humanitarian organisations working in that area, as " information products " such as contacts lists and situation maps.
  7. The 31st Infantry played a major role in stopping Chinese troops, and pushing them back above the 7th Infantry Division redrew the situation map every day, but only recorded the locations of regiments or larger military units.
  8. Unlike most wargames of the era, the counters use not 1970s NATO symbols ( cross, oval, blob and slash for infantry, armour, artillery and cavalry ) but rather the symbols used on German World War II situation maps.
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