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  1. It started as a slugfest and turned into a pitching duel.
  2. Wells tossed two hitless innings before the game became a slugfest.
  3. Experts are split on their predictions though most expect a slugfest.
  4. And what to make of that slugfest between Ellenor and Lindsay?
  5. TexasTired of slugfests, Rangers want to try winning with pitching.
  6. It's a Strindbergian sexual slugfest with a laugh track!
  7. "It's a slugfest between retailers,"
  8. The other is a slugfest of grinding negotiations and uncertain results.
  9. But after the statistical slugfest, even the experts were benumbed.
  10. It was an open slugfest out there between two good teams,
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  1. a fight with bare fists
    पर्याय: fistfight, fisticuffs

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