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  1. Of course, stamps would still have to be delivered by snail mail.
  2. The site also includes links and snail mail addresses to learn more.
  3. Our theory : He's only accepting handwritten letters delivered via snail mail.
  4. Snail mail takes a 29-cent stamp and a trip to the post office.
  5. Many have been wondering whether something known colloquially as snail mail can compete.
  6. I do get occasional pieces of snail mail spam to the mailing address.
  7. Delivery, so it is said, will be faster than snail mail.
  8. I only have to go into the office for snail mail and meetings.
  9. If snail mail is an endangered species, what happens to the post office?
  10. Michael Chabon's quandary was what he called " snail mail ."


  1. any mail that is physically delivered by the postal service; "email is much faster than snail mail"

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