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  1. Aranmula is a major attraction for its famous snake boat race.
  2. Nearly 50 snake boats or chundan vallams participate in the festival.
  3. The race of Chundan Vallam ( snake boat ) is the major event.
  4. A snake boat race was organised for him.
  5. The snake boats are prepared for participation in the boat race at Aranmula Uthrattathi Vallamkali.
  6. Hence, the technical methods for creating these Snake Boats are around 650 years old.
  7. Of the snake boats still in use today, the Parthasarathi Chundan is the oldest model.
  8. Thus began the Champakulam Snake Boat Race and related functions, which continue to this day.
  9. It is only after all these ceremonies, that the famous Champakulam Snake Boat Race commences.
  10. It also has a palliyodam, Mallappuzhassery palliyodam, which won the snake boat race twice.

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