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  1. Plays like this remind me of " son et lumiere ."
  2. Blood on the Southern Cross is a " "'son et lumiere " "'show depicting the Eureka Stockade story of 1854.
  3. There will be no computerized light changes, no video monitors competing with the musicians on stage, no son et lumiere pretensions.
  4. Between 2002 and 2004, she wrote the scripts for four Son et Lumiere ( Sound & Light Shows ) for the Ministry of Tourism, India.
  5. That same year Tjeknavorian received the Homayoun Order and Medal for Persepolis, his score for the spectacular Son et Lumiere show at the ancient Persian capital.
  6. Last November, artist Anna Schuleit staged an ambitious son et lumiere presentation of Bach's Magnificat piped through the rooms and corridors of the " Old Main, " the hospital's gigantic administration building.
  7. On the other hand, she said, she would not want to do it in the Golden Temple in Yangon, " the heart of enlightenment, " or as a son et lumiere, with added images.
  8. The play has been beefed up topically with new technological references and with video projections ( by Kevin Cunningham and Wild Kind ) that tend to suggest the son et lumiere shows of the late 1960s.
  9. In October 2010, York Minster's south transept was selected for " Rose ", a " son et lumiere " created by international artists Ross Ashton and Karen Monid which lit up the entire exterior of the south transept of the minster and illuminated the Rose Window.
  10. In 1998 Dalby wrote and produced " The Story of Chartley " an elaborate son et lumiere of 2, 000 years of history which was narrated by the BBC World Service presenter John Touhey and commissioned by the Sheriff of Staffordshire David Johnson, the script, edited, is now published by the Staffordshire Tourist Board.

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