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  1. There was also a burst of species invasion from neighboring areas.
  2. The economic repercussions of this type of species invasion can be devastating.
  3. McNeely cites the Irish potato famine as a classic example of species invasion.
  4. Propagule pressure plays an important role in species invasions ( Groom, 2006 ).
  5. Today the worst threat to the species is the invasive species invasion of the zebra mussel.
  6. The number of species invasions has been on the rise at least since the beginning of the 1900s.
  7. Additionally, the phenomenon often colludes with landscape alteration, pollution, and species invasions to effect amphibian extinctions.
  8. Such areas allow large scale natural processes to occur, relatively free from edge effects and substantial exotic species invasion.
  9. Drake ( 1991 ) used an assembly model to demonstrate that different community types would result from different sequences of species invasions.
  10. Nevertheless, it is difficult to unequivocally attribute extinctions to a species invasion, and the few scientific studies that have done so have been with animal taxa.

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