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  1. The variety of chemoattractants raises the question of species specificity with respect to the chemoattractant identity.
  2. It is the variation in the ratios of each compound within a pheromone that yields species specificity.
  3. Species specificity of these reactions is among others obtained by spatial segregation, physicochemical features of derivatives ( volatility and light sensitivity ), chemical modifications of trisporoids and transcriptional / posttranscriptional regulation.
  4. Species specificity was not detected in experiments that compared the chemotactic responsiveness of human and rabbit spermatozoa to follicular fluids or egg-conditioned media obtained from human, bovine, and rabbit.
  5. "' Influenza virus nucleoprotein ( NP ) "'is a structural protein which encapsidates the negative strand viral RNA . NP is one of the main determinants of species specificity.
  6. Finally, the interaction between cohesin and dockerin appears to be species specific in bacteria, there is almost no species specificity of binding within fungal species and no identified sites that distinguish different species.
  7. Other factors that have been proposed to be able to affect the shape of OFD include the degree of habitat heterogeneity, species specificity, landscape productivity, position in the geographic range, species dispersal ability and the extinction colonization dynamics.

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