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  1. Variations in surface texture directly influence the level of specular reflection.
  2. This form of the potential guarantees a specular reflection on the boundary.
  3. Specular reflection from a body of water is calculated by the Fresnel equations.
  4. In a specular reflection, the angles of reflection and incidence are equal.
  5. Light reflects from smooth surfaces by specular reflection.
  6. Reflected light can be divided into two sub-types, specular reflection and diffuse reflection.
  7. :The article specular reflection has a nice diagram of what you're going for.
  8. It is a diffuse reflection due to scattering, as opposed to specular reflection like a mirror.
  9. We assume only one light, no specular reflection, and uniform known ( approximated ) reflection parameters.
  10. All these waves add up to give specular reflection and refraction, according to the Huygens Fresnel principle.

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