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  1. Interrupt processing required about fifty storage cycles to process a four byte transfer.
  2. The original 30-1 had a 2.0 microsecond storage cycle.
  3. There are eight storage reference instructions which require two or three storage cycles to complete.
  4. Also if the frame contents were moved about in storage this would require 3.5 storage cycles per byte.
  5. For a Type II Communications Scanner, processing of a received or transmitted character might take fifty storage cycles ( forty instructions ).
  6. Energy losses involved in the hydrogen storage cycle come from the electrolysis of water, liquification or compression of the hydrogen and conversion to electricity.
  7. Assuming the running value is maintained in storage, the execution time to accumulate one more byte is five storage cycles ( three instructions ).
  8. For a Type III Communications Scanner cycle steal processing of a single character was fairly inexpensive & mdash; a single storage cycle was required.
  9. There is less incentive for defragmentation of SSDs because file fragmentation has less performance impact on them and they handle a finite number of storage cycles before their lifespan expires.
  10. The S / 360-67 operated with a basic internal cycle time of 200 nanoseconds and a basic 750 nanosecond magnetic core storage cycle, the same as the S / 360-65.

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