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  1. Fibre is added until the storage drum's card cloth is full.
  2. In 1988, Eugene Gard leased a few acres and brought in the used storage drums.
  3. The risks of deflagration inside waste storage drums is a growing concern in storage facilities.
  4. They also rolled out barrels painted yellow to look like storage drums for nuclear waste.
  5. The licker-in, or smaller roller meters fibre from the infeed tray onto the larger storage drum.
  6. Some drum carders have a soft-bristled brush attachment that presses the fibre into the storage drum.
  7. This pulling straightens the fibres and lays them between the wire pins of the storage drum's card cloth.
  8. Prices also fell because processors are trying to make room in storage drums for the juice from a larger crop.
  9. The driver was transporting waste from a temporary storage drum to a processing center when he stopped to take a meal break.
  10. The two rollers are connected to each other by a belt-or chain-drive so that their relative speeds cause the storage drum to gently pull fibres from the licker-in.

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