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  1. Someone had cut through the lock on a steel-reinforced dynamite storage locker.
  2. She used this information to rent a storage locker in Spring Hill.
  3. Always a good rule : Tokyo's subway stations offer storage lockers.
  4. One storage locker holds one bottle of wine _ worth $ 27, 000.
  5. Amenities include a meeting / party room, indoor parking, bike and storage lockers.
  6. He kept other items, like books and clothing, in storage lockers.
  7. She tells them the money is hidden in a deep freeze storage locker.
  8. Agents have also searched a storage locker Hatfill owns in Florida.
  9. He kept other items, like toiletries and clothing, in storage lockers.
  10. Alexander had moved it to a storage locker in Garden City, Guidice said.


  1. a storage compartment for clothes and valuables; usually it has a lock
    पर्याय: cabinet, locker

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