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  1. Stripping out that effect, first half profits rose 21 percent.
  2. Defensive backs routinely practice stripping receivers and picking off tipped passes.
  3. "Besides, steroids ain't a stripping offense.
  4. We were stripping them and selling what was stripped as scrap.
  5. Management responded by stripping Oates of his status as alternate captain.
  6. Recently, 10 inmates in green uniforms worked stripping down wheelchairs.
  7. A . I'd think twice about stripping that gilt.
  8. The first is known as equity " stripping ."
  9. They were very good with their hands, stripping the ball.
  10. Stripping down emotionally was much harder than taking my clothes off.


  1. the removal of covering
    पर्याय: denudation, uncovering, baring, husking

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