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  1. Men with beards and hats once again strolled down Piotrkowska Street.
  2. Then, in strolled San Diego State assistant coach Curtis Johnson.
  3. Together they strolled across the 1.6-mile span.
  4. We strolled back up to the cottage and rekindled the fire.
  5. Chocolate turkeys strolled the table for old time's sake.
  6. Love said as she strolled with her daughter outside the property.
  7. A couple visiting from Italy strolled by and snapped some pictures.
  8. He strolled to a cemetery above a village of straw homes.
  9. Then they strolled slowly along the fabric walkways crisscrossing the quilt.
  10. I savored a vanilla cone as I strolled down the avenue.
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