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  1. Phreatic and Strombolian volcanism between 1907 and 1932 excavated this crater.
  2. It sits on the southern rim of the Strombolian-style explosions.
  3. Strombolian eruptions are similar to Hawaiian eruptions, but there are differences.
  4. The lahar had been caused by a strombolian eruption in Villarrica Volcano.
  5. The field was probably formed by Strombolian eruptions accompanied by lava fountaining.
  6. On November 27, 2012 a strombolian type eruption started from two fissures.
  7. The tephra is dispersed over a wider area than that from Strombolian eruptions.
  8. The eruption was predominantly strombolian in style and most of the lava was ?A?.
  9. The peninsula shows varying volcanic shapes and products resulting from strombolian phases of volcanism.
  10. Monogenetic cones usually erupt in the Strombolian style.

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