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  1. Eruptions at Sangay exhibit strombolian activity, producing ashfall, lava flows, pyroclastic flows, and lahars.
  2. On April 18, a portable seismometer began to record much stronger volcanic tremors that indicated a change in eruptive style from lava fountains back to Strombolian activity.
  3. These earthquakes increased in Strombolian activity, quickly followed by a'curtain-of-fire'lava fountain that fed a flow which cut off the road to the village of Portela by 2 a . m . The 1, 300 people living inside the caldera fled during the night to the safety of villages on the north coast.
  4. The eruption started on 24 June 1949  the feast day of St John, which is why in Spanish texts the eruption is referred to as " la erupcion del Nambroque o San Juan, " which in English is " The Eruption of the Nambroque or St John's volcano . " During the 1949 eruption, eruptive activity was located at three vents & mdash; Duraznero, Llano del Banco, and Hoyo Negro & mdash; mild strombolian activity occurred at the Duraznero vent.

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