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[ sək'siŋkt ]
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  1. Samantha's legs were crossed, her speech was succinct.
  2. "I'm quite succinct, actually,"
  3. Knight, the seasoned senior, was a little more succinct.
  4. Roger Milks, his chief operating officer, is more succinct.
  5. The screenwriter Ring Lardner Jr . offered his own succinct opinion.
  6. Lawrence, the air brake company manager, was more succinct.
  7. The witness's description of events was succinct,"
  8. There are other times, though, when he is succinct.
  9. Gore declares now in his most succinct argument for his candidacy.
  10. Minority owner Virginia Fite of Piqua, Ohio, was succinct.


  1. briefly giving the gist of something; "a short and compendious book"; "a compact style is brief and pithy"; "succinct comparisons"; "a summary formulation of a wide-ranging subject"
    पर्याय: compendious, compact, summary

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