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  1. Combine sugared apples and oil / egg mixture and mix well.
  2. The sugared rim gives the drink a tiny bit of texture.
  3. Set sugared lemon on clean piece of craft paper to dry.
  4. Press each cookie down slightly with a greased and sugared glass.
  5. The protesters take sugared water and vitamins to prolong the fast.
  6. The prisoners take vitamins and sugared water to prolong their fasts.
  7. Hunger-strikers have been taking only vitamins and sugared water.
  8. The protesters prolong the fast by taking sugared water and vitamins.
  9. They are taking sugared water and vitamins to prolong their fast.
  10. Liberally sugared, it is also used to make fruit juice.


  1. with sweetening added
    पर्याय: sweetened, sweet, sweet-flavored

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