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  1. Sun beams through clear glass windows onto 100 almost motionless human forms.
  2. The shows were staged in the classical Sun Beam theatre.
  3. As the sun beams down on us below.
  4. The fog lifts, the sun beams, it is time for the descent.
  5. At noon, a sun beam through the hole, alit on the meridian strip.
  6. The sun beams off the pompadour-topped pooch painted on the outside of the Poodle Dog Lounge.
  7. Kal, Tyr and Tam were hit with the Red Sun beam while Gor gave the command to fire the kinetics.
  8. At noon, the sun beams through the windows of a three-story atrium at Boston University's Photonics Center.
  9. The sun beams down on colorful murals painted on city walls, and well-manicured gardens overflow with magenta bougainvilleas and fragrant gardenias.
  10. The movement of the sun beam can be witnessed as it progresses across the front of the temple, making the lingam appear to glow.

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