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  1. He lectured on sun dials, practical geometry, astronomy, optics, and the telescope.
  2. The Nets rotate less routinely than the Aztec sun dial.
  3. The camera is mounted on the revolving bar level of the Sun Dial restaurant.
  4. The sun dial was rededicated there on May 9, 1941.
  5. In 1940 the Sun Dial Press changed the title to " "'Meet  the Tiger!
  6. But one minute in the postseason is like waiting on a sun dial to move.
  7. Water clock and sun dials are mentioned in many ancient Hindu texts such as the Arthashastra.
  8. The Sun Dial restaurant, atop downtown's Westin Peachtree Plaza hotel, has a 360-degree view of Atlanta.
  9. The flowers were planted around a sun dial and opened at various times during the day.
  10. The unusual and artistically framed sun dial on the southern fa�ade is an eye-catching decorative element.

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