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sun dried उदाहरण वाक्य

sun:    सूर्य पतंग शूर
dried:    ढोल शुष्कित
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उदाहरण वाक्य

अधिक:   आगे
  1. Catfish are mainly boiled or sun dried / smoked prior to eating.
  2. The sun dried up the land and brought life to it.
  3. Mature pods are usually harvested by hand and typically sun dried before processing.
  4. Strained labneh is pressed in cheese cloth between two heavy stones and later sun dried.
  5. The peas are hand shelled and sun dried.
  6. Sun dried, it has a roasted vegetable flavor.
  7. The structures are of sun dried bricks, same as present day Sudan, except for an arch.
  8. However, if it is sun dried on such a surface, it turns into the Powder of Life.
  9. In warm regions with very little timber available to fuel a kiln, bricks were generally sun dried.
  10. The solidified part is paced in doonas ( small bowls made of leaves ) and sun dried.

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