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  1. No in-your-face surliness or social anomie here.
  2. Outside the ring, he's known for his surliness.
  3. A streak of surliness shouldn't damage a worthy candidate.
  4. Now he would deprive New Yorkers of their birthright of surliness?
  5. Kozlov ( playing in the minors ) has added surliness.
  6. No Parisian surliness, no fog-engendered ennui fills the air.
  7. Costello said, early on, wryly sending up his past surliness.
  8. Mayfair's ebullience was in direct contrast to Elkington's surliness.
  9. In the meantime, one sorely misses His Surliness.
  10. "I don't know about losing the surliness,"

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