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  1. Cut sweetbreads and brains into small pieces, add to stew.
  2. The sweetbreads allude to the richer, more classical Parisian menu.
  3. Place sweetbreads in a deep pan, and cover with water.
  4. Sweetbread climbs down from the windmill and begins moving toward McKinney.
  5. Try the sweetbreads or the glistening oxtail ragout with carrots.
  6. I had this table full of little kids eating escargot and sweetbreads.
  7. Secret food passion : Sweetbreads ( the meat ) and foie gras.
  8. The menu includes caviar, seared veal sweetbreads and hybrid striped bass.
  9. At Manresa, it is used to coat veal sweetbreads.
  10. "Ducks don't have sweetbreads ."


  1. edible glands of an animal
    पर्याय: sweetbreads

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