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  1. Various efforts are being made to improve the overall OWS system approach.
  2. The standard takes a management systems approach to running more sustainable events.
  3. They typically adopt a systems approach, working as part of rehabilitative teams.
  4. Environmental scientists bring a systems approach to the analysis of environmental problems.
  5. Research in physical geography is often interdisciplinary and uses the systems approach.
  6. Though uniquely effective, Net Nanny's total-system approach makes your system noticeably slower.
  7. Tricart considerd that he had,'a broad systems approach to landform genesis .'..
  8. See also Global financial systems, world-systems approach and polarity in international relations.
  9. However, decentralization itself has been seen as part of a systems approach.
  10. Smith and Thelen used a dynamic systems approach to the A-not-B task.

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