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  1. The resulting annual system capacity is projected to be 10 million passengers.
  2. He declined to detail the White House's system capacity or security measures.
  3. Renew Boston Solar is increasing the solar energy system capacity in Boston.
  4. Each MSC will have a system capacity of 80, 000 to 100, 000.
  5. The company said its system capacity will grow only 0.3 percent for 2001.
  6. Yesterday, AOL said it is scrambling to expand its system capacity.
  7. AA cut its overall system capacity by 5 % during 2008.
  8. Its normal system capacity is 322.00 ft ( 98.15 m ) above sea level.
  9. Businesses report that unwanted e-mail is significantly reducing worker productivity and overloading computer-system capacity.
  10. The Erlang formulas are typically used for calculating system capacity.

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