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  1. The creator of the Spartan system of rule was the legendary lawgiver Lycurgus.
  2. The system of rule fluctuated between unstable civilian governments and interludes of military takeover.
  3. A rigid system of rules for the form and order of drawings was applied.
  4. But " we do have a system of rules, " she said.
  5. The formation of these conjuncts follows a system of rules depending on the consonants involved.
  6. The system of rules is presented below.
  7. Hodgson regards institutions as systems of rules.
  8. Lachen has its own system of rules and regulations known as " Dzumsa ".
  9. It's just how the paper evidence lines up, within a system of rules.
  10. :: " Monarchy is the system of rule in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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