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  1. An FO table functions much like an HTML / CSS table.
  2. The worst was the tabling function, which I couldn't get to work at all.
  3. :It's easy to use Microsoft's sort table function, but I assume that you want a symbol at the top of the column that when you click it produces this effect.
  4. But there are still too many open issues, most of them minor, but also persistent complex bugs in fundamental areas like referencing, template editing and certainly in the new table functions.
  5. For example, whan I wanted to set up a columned list, I started with your table function, found the paragraph the explained that sometimes it works better to do a simple list, but then it failed to tell me HOW to make that list.
  6. One example by the Chicago Painter from The Art Institute of Chicago, dating to around 450 B . C . E ., shows an image of three women performing a Dionysian ritual, in which a table functions as an appropriate place to rest a " kantharos "  a wine vessel associated with Dionysus.

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