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  1. Spikes missed four tackles over his three seasons with San Francisco.
  2. Sharun achieved nine special teams tackles over 13 games during the 2014 season.
  3. An open-field tackle over there.
  4. It was a two-footed tackle over the ball and there is no need for that.
  5. During the 2008 season, Lang earned 9 sacks and 56 tackles over the 13 game season.
  6. Then, they come to see us to learn how to fish without dumping expensive tackle over the side.
  7. Brown, had 55 tackles over the past two seasons for Texas A & amp; M-Kingsville.
  8. The crew steered the ship by tackle over each quarter, eventually reaching port in Rio de Janeiro for repairs.
  9. Traylor averaged 49 tackles over the last four seasons while teaming with two-time Pro Bowl right tackle Trevor Pryce.
  10. The Paris St . Germain midfielder was sent off seven minutes later for a tackle over the ball on Danny Mills.

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