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  1. The Chiefs'leading tacklers on special teams are all backups.
  2. He was already the leading tackler on special teams with 21.
  3. Our tacklers were playing on the same field as he was.
  4. He has also been a sure tackler with 60 solo tackles.
  5. Then Bettis bulled 16 yards by four tacklers to the 2.
  6. He is a sure tackler and an aggressive, punishing blitzer.
  7. Good size, very physical, sure tackler in open field.
  8. The 6-3 Mitchell shed several tacklers after the catch.
  9. It is so pretty to watch a running back shed tacklers.
  10. Fields eluded four would-be tacklers at the Kentucky 6.


  1. a football player who tackles the ball carrier

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