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  1. Symptoms include tearfulness, mood lability, irritability, and anxiety.
  2. The salable pop posture of the year was a perennial : tearfulness.
  3. In the mixed groups, there was this flood of emotion and tearfulness, of feeling helpless and hopeless.
  4. But its surface is periodically torn by fits of tearfulness and by unexpected harsh yowls that point to the harshly conflicted self beneath.
  5. "I have seen everything from quiet resolve and tearfulness, to ( people ) being quite upset, " he said of his patients.
  6. But if there is a history, it's wise for parents to watch for such signs as tearfulness, sadness and hopelessness and seek help.
  7. Postpartum blues : The mildest form of postpartum mood disorder, postpartum blues or " baby blues " is marked by euphoria, tearfulness, confusion and insomnia.
  8. No one knows what effect, if any, estrogen may play in tearfulness, but data suggest that prolactin, a hormone that promotes secretion of milk and controls fluid balance.
  9. A sufferer of this type of aura may experience tearfulness of the eyes and uncontrollable sensations of light followed by reduced symptoms after approximately 20 minutes; it is the rarest type of aura.
  10. Unusual tearfulness, irritability, difficulty concentrating, a drop in school grades, stomachaches, a reluctance to go to camp or to leave on a planned vacation, all can be signs that fears still linger.
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