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  1. Tectology anticipated many basic ideas of Systems Analysis, later explored by Cybernetics.
  2. The rediscovery of " Tectology " occurred only in the 1970s.
  3. Tectology as a constructive science built elements into a functional entity using general laws of organization.
  4. Bogdanov's " Tectology " outlined the concepts and concerns of chaos and fractal mathematics.
  5. He invented an original philosophy called  tectology,  now regarded as a forerunner of systems theory.
  6. In Tectology, Bogdanov made the first'modern'attempt to formulate the most general emergent phenomena and systemic development.
  7. Bodganov wrote a treatise on " tectology " and was one of the founders of Proletkult after the First World War.
  8. Both Wiener and von Bertalanffy may have read the German translation of " Tectology ", published in 1928.
  9. The " whole " in Tectology, and the laws of its integrity, were derived from biological rather than the physicalistic view of the world.
  10. A Russian movement existed based on similar beginnings from the North American movement also . Alexander Bogdanov's concept of Tectology bears some semblance to technocratic ideas.
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