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  1. A later, long-term series of excavations by the DAI ended in 1998.
  2. SECOND TERM LOGO : Logo for BC-Second Term series; MOVED Friday, Nov . 5.
  3. SECOND TERM LOGO : Logo for BC-The Second Term series; with any related second term story; MOVED Sunday, Nov . 21.
  4. She is a character in the program " The contemporary " on Vietnam Television, and was the subject of long-term series of reports on major newspapers.
  5. The studio insisted on these Draconian terms, a close associate of the star said, to underscore the point that actors cannot easily break their long-term series contracts.
  6. :To be honest, it would probably affect longer-term series or article improvement projects, such as Romania-related WikiProjects or improvements of articles to bring them up to featured status.
  7. The two sides did not reach any agreements during the talks, intended as a prelude to a long-term series of meetings, Foreign Ministry official Wang Guangya said at a news conference.
  8. Living history has become a popular theme in recent UK TV series, usually involving Ruth Goodman and regular collaborators in a long-term series, filmed in intermittent episodes with a cast of historians.
  9. In spring 1965, he began a long-term series of regular lectures and workshops on Eckankar at the California Parapsychology Foundation in San Diego and also started selling monthly " Discourses " to interested students.
  10. In 2008 the National Gallery in Prague organized an exhibit in the Trade-Fair Palace of Irena Jozov?s work entitled Echoes of the Venice Biennale, which traced the origin of the long-term Series Collection project.

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