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  1. But, then again, all other body parts will have to thaw out, too.
  2. Those cursed air conditioners make it mighty tough to thaw out.
  3. These are frozen, and then slowly thaw out as the actors wear them.
  4. How does cool running water thaw out a frozen drink in only seconds?
  5. Sometimes they come back down and thaw out just in time.
  6. The women seemed to thaw out, becoming more human as the evening progressed.
  7. Those two powerful forces are typically what thaw out an economy.
  8. He finally thaws out, and he and Sten go to a restaurant and talk.
  9. Once the great frozen north thaws out and cabin fever subsides, summer fun begins.
  10. Frozen by the extreme cold, King managed to reach a cabin and thaw out.

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