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  1. A "'polar circle "'is either the Arctic Circle or the Antarctic Circle.
  2. Twenty-eight men stranded in the Antarctic Circle for nearly two years?
  3. It was the first human settlement south of the Antarctic Circle.
  4. The party then sailed for home, crossing the Antarctic Circle on 28 February.
  5. This was the first expedition to overwinter within the Antarctic Circle.
  6. The course must include set control points at latitudes outside the Antarctic circles.
  7. In the process she became the first steam vessel to cross the Antarctic Circle.
  8. This species is mainly distributed throughout the seas and oceans south of the Antarctic Circle.
  9. Consequently, the Antarctic Circle is currently drifting southwards at a speed of about per year.
  10. The aurora borealis and aurora australis light up the skies of the Antarctic circles respectively.

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