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  1. For this reason Thoth was universally worshipped by ancient Egyptian scribes.
  2. On other occasions, Astennu was said to be Thoth himself.
  3. Thoth, disguised, eventually succeeded in convincing her to return.
  4. Men spoke of Thoth-Amon as they spoke of Rammon.
  5. Under the name Thoth, he taught writing to the Alamo.
  6. It was the main center of worship of the god Thoth.
  7. The god Thoth, according to Egyptian mythology, invented the enema.
  8. Torquemada goes back in time to kill Thoth and prevent his degradation.
  9. Thoth-Amon is mentioned in two further Conan stories.
  10. On the far left of the baboons is the messenger god Thoth.

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