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  1. The medulla is the location of the latter events in thymocyte development.
  2. A thymocyte's fate is determined during positive selection.
  3. THEMIS is an acronym for thymocyte-expressed-molecule.
  4. The apoptosed thymocyte dies and is quickly recycled.
  5. In addition to proliferation, differentiation and T lineage commitment occurs within the DN thymocyte population.
  6. This protein plays a regulatory role in both positive and negative T cell selection during late thymocyte development.
  7. Transgenic studies of the mouse counterpart suggested that this gene functions as an essential initiator of apoptosis in thymocyte-negative selection.
  8. ROR?t also plays an important regulatory role in thymopoiesis, by reducing apoptosis of thymocytes and promoting thymocyte differentiation into pro-inflammatory IL2, respectively.
  9. T cell has been believed to be developed only by thymocyte-thymic epithelial cell interaction in thymus, the  central dogma in T cell development.
  10. First line treatment for aplastic anemia consists of immunosuppressive drugs, typically either anti-lymphocyte globulin or anti-thymocyte globulin, combined with corticosteroids and ciclosporin.

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