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  1. Nevertheless, the predictions of classical tidal theory still did not agree with observations.
  2. He had also seen a tidal theory of Sarpi's.
  3. The value of his tidal theory is disputed.
  4. With reference to Galileo's tidal theory, there would be no difference between the Ptolemaic and Tychonic systems.
  5. Based upon Tidal theory predicts that eventually the orbit of the stars will circularize and their rotation rates will become synchronized with their orbital motion.
  6. Galileo's tidal theory entailed the actual, physical movement of the Earth; that is, if true, it would have provided the kind of proof that Foucault's pendulum apparently provided two centuries later.
  7. Mitchell said it would not be possible to make a definitive statement on rising ocean levels until 40 years worth of data are available, but that a trip to Tuvalu by NTF director Wolfgang Scherer over the past two weeks led to the tidal theory.

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