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  1. It grows on the coast or farther inland next to tidal waters.
  2. :: Moored ships would be subject to tidal water flow-or river flow.
  3. The beaches are wide and lonely sandbeaches with big tidal water level differences.
  4. Provinces have rights over non-tidal waters and fishing practices there only.
  5. The bay exchanges tidal water with Nantucket Sound through a single maintained inlet.
  6. Consequently, an individual net cannot be continually operated in tidal waters.
  7. These trees are able to grow in areas seldom inundated by tidal water.
  8. The tunnels channel tidal water in and out of the lake.
  9. It includes the tidal waters of the Brunswick River, Belongil and Tallow creeks.
  10. The rivers are interconnected and are fed by tidal waters.

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