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उदाहरण वाक्य

  1. I lost it in the third set tiebreak . . ..
  2. But Krajicek captured the next two points for the tiebreak win.
  3. It didn't work, however, in the tiebreak.
  4. Sampras lost only two points on his serve until the tiebreak.
  5. In the tiebreak, Likhovtseva saved a match point before prevailing.
  6. Henman started the tiebreak with a double fault and never recovered.
  7. Coetzer won the tiebreak 7-3, and Temesvari collapsed.
  8. Davenport held from deuce and the two went into the tiebreak.
  9. Another double fault gave Escude three match points in the tiebreak.
  10. Both players then held their serves, setting up the tiebreak.
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