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  1. For example, in a hollow waveguide where the TEM wave cannot exist but TE and TM waves can propagate,
  2. Nevertheless, it is invalid to the TE wave ( transverse electric wave ) and TM wave ( transverse magnetic wave ).
  3. The proposed media possess other desirable features including very wide bandwidth over which the refractive index remains negative, the ability to guide 2-D TM waves, scalability from RF to millimeter-wave frequencies and low transmission losses, as well as the potential for tunability by inserting varactors and / or switches in the unit cell.
  4. The behavior of such a system is independent of the operating frequency, but is dependent upon details of the power conductor and its environment . " A nearby conductor other than the line itself may provide a termination point and thereby reduce energy coupled into the TM wave " . ( This has relevance to Tesla's 1891-1893 table-top demonstrations . ) As for any transmission line, at very high frequencies, the increased losses of the metal conductor, despite the advantage obtained using the surface wave mode, are increased, however because conductor losses are inversely proportional to the square of line impedance, this mode can achieve much lower losses, no more than a few percent of a 50 ohm coaxial line having the same center conductor.

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