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  1. Only continued progress in multilateral trade liberalization can prevent this from happening.
  2. What they will go for is conditions for trade liberalization in Korea.
  3. Trade liberalization challenges the way a society looks at and defines itself.
  4. The APEC forum is intended to promote economic growth through trade liberalization.
  5. Governments are now likely to come under pressure to slow trade liberalization.
  6. Malaysia is hardly the most receptive setting for discussions of trade liberalization.
  7. There continues to be strong enthusiasm among APEC members for trade liberalization,
  8. Keating is a enthusiastic proponent of trade liberalization in the Asia-Pacific region.
  9. The PECC meeting will discuss trade liberalization and cooperation among member countries.
  10. The fact, however, should not discourage us from facing world trade liberalization,

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