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उदाहरण वाक्य

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  1. to translate any book they can get their hands onto into Arabic,
    जो सारी किताबों का अरबी में अनुवाद कर दें,
  2. Tool to translate Devnagari to Urdu script. (Online)
    देवनागरी से उर्दू लिपि में परिवर्तन का औजार (आनलाइन)
  3. Please edit the preferences of the UI Translate addon
    कृपया UI का अनुवाद एडऑन की प्राथमिकताएं संपादित करें
  4. software tools to translate Devanagari to Urdu script.
    देवनागरी से उर्दू लिपि में परिवर्तन का औजार (आनलाइन)
  5. Enable Translate support on “alpha languages”
    “अल्फ़ा भाषाओं” पर अनुवाद समर्थन सक्षम करें
  6. Always translate %{ORIGINAL_LANGUAGE} to %{TARGET_LANGUAGE}
    हमेशा %{ORIGINAL_LANGUAGE} से %{TARGET_LANGUAGE} में अनुवाद करें
  7. to translate this ancient, idiosyncratic handcraft
    जो प्राचीन और विशेष हाथ से बनी कलाकृतियो का
  8. I have asked her to translate for me.
    मैने इसे मेरे लिये अनुवाद करने के लिये कहा हैं।
  9. Muslim scholars did not translate
    मुस्लिम विद्वानों ने सिर्फ अनुवाद ही नहीं किया।
  10. a software to translate Urdu script to Devanagari script
    उर्दू लिपि को देवनागरी में बदलने वाला उपकरण (सॉफ्टवेयर)


  1. change from one form or medium into another; "Braque translated collage into oil"
    पर्याय: transform
  2. change the position of (figures or bodies) in space without rotation
  3. make sense of a language; "She understands French"; "Can you read Greek?"
    पर्याय: understand, read, interpret
  4. determine the amino-acid sequence of a protein during its synthesis by using information on the messenger RNA
  5. restate (words) from one language into another language; "I have to translate when my in-laws from Austria visit the U.S."; "Can you interpret the speech of the visiting dignitaries?"; "She rendered the French poem into English"; "He translates for the U.N."
    पर्याय: interpret, render
  6. express, as in simple and less technical language; "Can you translate the instructions in this manual for a layman?"; "Is there a need to translate the psychiatrist''s remarks?"
  7. bring to a certain spiritual state
  8. subject to movement in which every part of the body moves parallel to and the same distance as every other point on the body
  9. be translatable, or be translatable in a certain way; "poetry often does not translate"; "Tolstoy''s novels translate well into English"
  10. be equivalent in effect; "the growth in income translates into greater purchasing power"

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