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  1. We write a grievance and they throw it in the trash can,
  2. There was no place in this clever kitchen for a trash can.
  3. He throws one belt ( the WBC ) into a trash can.
  4. They brought stones in trash cans and wrapped in an Oriental carpet.
  5. I crushed the newspaper and threw it in the nearest trash can.
  6. But they found much of their treasure in the trash can.
  7. I even once cooked a turkey under a metal trash can.
  8. It means that we throw the Bible into the trash can.
  9. Drag the icon to the trash can and the card ejects.
  10. The family also monitored what she threw in the trash can.


  1. a bin that holds rubbish until it is collected
    पर्याय: ashcan, garbage can, wastebin, ash bin, ash-bin, ashbin, dustbin, trash barrel, trash bin

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